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Best Figure Escorts / Penis Sensation Loss
« on: August 09, 2019, 01:44:15 PM »

Naturally, a penis should be a sensitive organ. This provides the amazing, vivid sensations that men feel whenever they engage in sensual activities. This sensation is the reason men pay thousands of dollars just to spend time with las vegas escorts. Itís also the reason why men should pay keen attention to penis care.

Essentially, a man should keep penis skinís health at its best. Unfortunately, a penis can lose sensitivity or become numb for reasons that are beyond control. That means a male ceases to feel the normal sensation that should be felt when the penis is touched.

For unlimited sex in day and night contact with Vegas escorts. They are loyal and very friendly with their clients so that you can continue your relation for long term.

Big Boob Escorts / 2 Steps of Penis Enlargement Exercises
« on: August 09, 2019, 01:39:02 PM »

Step 1: Perform Kegels

Kegels are the oldest and the easiest exercises. However, they are worth performing at first. To perform kegels, flex muscles at the penis base so that it starts hopping upwards. Hold this as long as possible before relaxing. Do at least 5 kegel holds. This is crucial because this muscle plays an important role of ensuring that sex lasts longer while giving you control over orgasm. Kegels enhance the flow of blood into the penis while increasing the girth and length when combined with other muscles. This is definitely what men with small penises need to gain the confidence to date their dream girls.

Step 2: Horizontal Motion

This is the second workout for enlarging the penis. Horizontal motion is a modification of jeqing. Jelqing entails making a milking motion. However, horizontal motion entails making a ring using the forefinger and the thumb with both hands. Place one ring around your penis base and then squeeze lightly till the penis feels filled up. Place the ring on the other hand around the penis tip. With the hand at the penis base in place, move the hand at the tip down the penis shaft squeezing firmly until it reaches the hand at the base. Move the ring back to its starting position and repeat this severally.

Though penis enlargement exercises work, you have to remain dedicated. You wonít notice results overnight. Nevertheless, your efforts will eventually bear fruits and you will soon have the confidence to date your dream girl or Vegas escorts.

Call las vegas escorts and fix your sex date with her.

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